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The word ‘Farben’ in FarbenCorner is a German word which literally means Colour. We specialise in integrating art with house design. Our aim is to create functional art pieces by captivating people’s imagination and creativity, which is an essential interior element. Along with interior and home decor consultancy, we found something else to play around with! An accidental introduction to Resin Art was not only therapeutic but also made our interior designer fall in love with its versatility and functionality. The pouring of resin, the mixing of pigments, the flow of colour on canvas was meditative in nature and also nurtured multiple home décor ideas. It gave us the freedom to make our functional home decor ideas fun and more alive. It calms the mind and channelizes negative thoughts through creative expression, allowing free flow of positivity in our surroundings. After a year of constant experiments, we finally learnt the dos and don’ts of Resin Art and were ready to present Farbencorner to the world. Colour can be a powerful tool and our designer intends to use this on surface designs to help people deal with everyday issues like stress, anxiety, health problems amongst others.

We not only want to enhance awareness about this fluid art form but also intend to provide an enriching experience to all those who want to learn. FarbenCorner wants to enable everyone to integrate and innovate this concept which we love so much in their everyday lives and not just on surface designs. So, when you come to us for interiors and home decor ideas be prepared to see some spectacular fusion.

when you come to us for interiors and home decor ideas be prepared to see some spectacular fusion.


The Artist

FarbenCorner was established in 2016 by Meghaa Goel, an artist-cum-designer who was already juggling jewellery and interior designing projects. Acquiring knowledge in house design and home décor through rich experiences and exposure to different sites and locations, she knew she was ready to become an entrepreneur and introduce Resin Art to the world, in a way never done before.

Meghaa began her journey as an interior designer. She pursued her degree in Interiors from J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. Inclined towards art and designing and a will to do something offbeat, she learnt making costume jewellery from a local artisan for 3 months. Completing her graduation in 2016, she got an opportunity to intern under a renowned architect, Mr. Gavish Sahani. Under his guidance, she learnt the nuances of house design in detail, innovative concepts and modern trends in home decor.

FarbenCorner as a brand explores spaces, and innovates using art and creates beautiful surface designs. Meghaa studies the energy of every place to give the client a detailed overview before she takes up a task. Our resin art designer believes Louis Sullivan’s opinion that “form follows function.” Therefore, FarbenCorner specializes in curating functional surface designs and spaces with the immaculate union of art and design.

We intend to design not mere homes or offices but a healthy lifestyle for our clients. We believe that interiors, when designed well, maintain the mental and physical health of an individual. Accordingly, we carefully conceptualise designs and colours that give you a sense of calm when you’re in your habitat.

Meghaa Goel
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“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

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